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Use Reminders

Reminders helps users stay hydrated by reminding them to drink water regularly throughout the day. Users can set personalized reminders based on their preferences and schedule. Adjustable notification settings allow users to choose the type and frequency of reminders.

Water reminder features assist in establishing a habit of drinking water regularly!

Select Unit to Measure

Users might have the option to choose between different units for measuring water quantity, such as gallons, liters, cubic meters, etc. This feature is especially useful for users who are more comfortable with a particular unit of measurement.

Add Family Member

Allow each family member to have their individual profile within the app, including personal hydration goals, preferences, and health information. it provides an overview of each member's daily, weekly, or monthly water consumption.

Edit Your Profile

Editing your profile allows you to personalize it with information that reflects your identity, interests, and preferences. Keeping your profile up-to-date ensures that the information is current and relevant.

App Tour

App Tour provides users with a smooth onboarding experience, helping them quickly understand how to navigate and use the app. This reduces the learning curve and encourages users to engage with the application more effectively from the start.